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LED Touch Control USB Charging MOON Lamp


You will love this lamp to the MOON AND BACK!

*Ships from within the United States* 

If you’ve only ever dreamed of touching the moon…now you can indulge yourself with the soothing glow of our photorealistic LED moon lamp.

The moon has been a divine and enchanting symbol in human history, and it brings you mystery, delight, belief and romance. Decorate your own world with this moon light - cast a gentle glow over your desk or bedside table.

After a long day, we sometimes want to take a glimpse at the moon for a sense of relief, only to find skyscrapers in the sky… but now you can bring the moon along with you. Light the moon lamp and enjoy the beauty of the moon in your own home. This lifelike night scene has been made to look like the moon, there are even craters and rocks to simulate the surface of the moon. In addition, the moon lamp will also send a soft white light, which really looks like moonlight. This lamp is the perfect addition to any home or office. It makes wonderful home décor and an awesome gift!

Main Features:

Charging port and switch integration: simple, beautiful and practical as well as easy to operate.

Warm and gentle LED lights: touch the metal ring to switch the color and turn off the light.

Safe and environmentally friendly: PLA material extracted from corn stalks, hard and smooth, non-toxic, odorless, environmentally friendly.

Long use time: 240mAh built-in battery, after the full charge, the lamp can be used 8 - 25 hours, a full charge can take up to about 3 - 8 hours.

3D printing technology: print layer by layer, restore the real appearance of the moon.

Easy to place anywhere or to use as home décor with the wood scaffold


Touch the metal ring at the bottom of the moon lamp to turn on / off the light and change the color from white to yellow.

Long press the metal ring to adjust the brightness, and it has the brightness memory function.

Please note: If your hand is too dry or the temperature is too low, the light may not respond. The white light will not shine when power is low.

Insert the DC connector into the metal ring at the bottom of the moon lamp to charge, the red light is always on during the charging and will automatically turn off when fully charged.

Quality Control:

Each individual moon lamp has gone through a rigorous 26+ hour 3D printing process using state-of-the-art technology. The design is made according to NASA satellite images to accurately reproduce the moon’s actual surface and craters. 

 Package Includes:

1 x Moon light
1 x USB charging cable
1 x Solid wood scaffold



Material: PLA
Body color: White
Lighting Color: white and yellow
Bulb: LED
Wattage: 0.3W
Voltage: DC 5V
Battery capacity: 280mAh
Charging time: 2-3 hours
Working Time: 8-20 hours (depends on brightness)
Power supply: USB DC 5V
Power Source: DC
Batteries Required: No
Battery Type: USB Charging
Voltage: <36V
Material: PLA
Diameter: 8cm,10cm,15cm
Made of: PLA biodegradable material, non-toxic and odorless.



 Processing and shipping time usually takes no longer than 10 business days. 






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