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Diamond painting is where cross stitching meets paint by numbers! 

Full, Round Drill (Full Pasting Area) 

**This Design is not found in stores**

✔Great creative DIY craft 
✔Relaxing and relieves stress
✔Makes great home decor 
✔Excellent gift 
✔Great group activity
✔Great for beginner and veteran DIY crafters alike

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What is included: 
1x numbered adhesive canvas (with design chart)
1x set of stainless steel tweezers
1x grooved organizing tray
Colored resin rhinestones (labeled)
*Frame is not included*

For Reference: Conversion Table

1 in = 2.54 cm


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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
River Mountain Diamond "Painting"

The quality of the product is superb. No shortages of dots were found, in fact there are always extra, I guess some people must drop them?? I was not overjoyed with the finished product, I believe such a large scenery picture does not allow definition of individual aspects of the scene. My past experience with closer-up pictures leads me to not attempt any more large scenery pictures.

Love it, but some improvements couldn't hurt

I absolutely am addicted to Diamond Painting. There are many positives with this brand such as the key included on a separate piece of paper and the adhesive backing done is strips where you don't need to expose too much of the picture at one time.

My negatives are that the symbols on the picture do not match the key exact so you have to figure out what the symbol actual is. Also, due to how the packaging was done of the diamonds, several of them had moisture so the diamonds are stuck together and difficult to separate.

Overall, I still love this new hobby and will purchase another picture in the future.