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How-To Section: Your Very Own Destination D-I-Y

Welcome to Design Novelty's How-To Section! Your VERY OWN...

If you are really into DIY projects like we are here at Design Novelty, you are always eager and ready to learn a new skill or craft. We are all about arts & crafts, DIY projects, creating new home décor, painting, sewing, and just having fun! The satisfaction, fun, and stress relief that comes with any DIY hobby is priceless! Plus, who doesn't love making their own home décor? If you are seeking a new hobby, want to learn a new skill, or just want to try something different than we can help.

Check out some DIY projects, crafts, and skills you may not have considered. All of these E-books, courses, articles, and training materials have been recommended to us by our customers; and we want to share with everyone! Have you ever tried:



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