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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions from our valued Design Novelty customers…

What is diamond painting?

Diamond painting is an easy, enjoyable, and relaxing activity for crafters of all skill levels, both young and old. Diamond painting is also referred to as paint by diamonds, paint with diamonds, and diamond dotz. Diamond painting is a wonderful combination of mosaics, paint-by-numbers, and cross-stitching. Diamond paintings use small “diamond”-like resin stones to create colorful and intricate designs and patterns. The finished designs offer a beautiful sparkle and create a stunning image. Applying the “diamonds” to the canvas is a very easy process that is stress-relieving and relaxing. This craft will provide you with hours of relaxation and enjoyment as you create beautiful designs that can become new home décor or a great gift! Our diamond paintings come in a wide variety of sizes and styles, making this the perfect DIY project for all to enjoy.

What makes Design Novelty's Diamond Painting Kits different?

To put it simply, we use only the highest quality materials for our diamond painting kits. From our high-quality, Eco-friendly resin diamonds to our linen canvases, you will see the difference. Your kit will come complete and we offer fast U.S. shipping! Lastly, if you have a question, comment, or concern we will get back to you. Our kits are not only super high quality, they come with excellent customer support. 

What is the status of my order? 

We ship our products from our custom print & manufacturing facilities located in both the United States and China. Depending on which location your order is being shipped from, it normally takes between 9-26 days for delivery (excluding processing time). In extremely rare cases, shipping will exceed 30 days due to factors such as back orders, shipping congestion, customs delays, and high order volumes. 

Every order is shipped with the shortest shipping time available depending on country.

 *Items that ship from within the United States take 4-9 days (on average) for delivery once shipped - U.S. orders rarely take longer than 10 business days*

The total shipping and delivery time on average is 12-20 business days (for internationally shipped items) and 4-10 business days (for domestically shipped items). 

Here is a list of the most common countries and shipping times:

• United States of America — 12-20 days;
• United Kingdom — 14-20 days;
• Australia — 12-18 days;
• New Zealand — 14-22 days;
• Canada — 14-20 days;

Shipping time to other countries is usually no longer than 25 business days.

You can track your order by going to or the “track your order” tab on our website. You can find your tracking number in your shipping confirmation email. 

Why did I only receive part of my order or why is my order in multiple shipments?

We ship our products from multiple printing facilities in different locations in the U.S. and China. As a result, items within the same order may be shipped from different facilities and arrive at slightly different times. Therefore, some items in your order may arrive before others.

Why is my tracking information not updating? Where is my order? 

This is completely normal. When your order is in transit and being transported internationally, tracking will be very slow to update. When the item arrives in the United States, it will deliver very quickly to your residence. You can track your order by simply entering your tracking number on the official USPS Tracking Site. 

**Please note that the tracking numbers are generated and updated by the U.S. Postal Service and often take several days to update. Therefore, your order may not show in real time status and is often ahead of what is listed on the tracking information. Unfortunately, we do not have any control over the tracking updates, or any updates beyond the tracking information. Also, tracking information that fails to update does NOT affect or delay delivery; your order is still en route to you despite delayed tracking.**

Why did I receive two separate tracking numbers?

Because we ship our products from multiple locations, your order may arrive in multiple packages. Each package is assigned a different tracking number for the most accurate tracking results.

What shipping provider do you use? 

You will receive your order from the United State Postal Service, FedEx, or DHL. 

How long does order processing take before an order ships?

Order processing time varies depending upon order volume and inventory. Order processing can take between 1-7 days. Average order processing time is 2-4 days. 

What is included in each DIY-Diamond Painting/Paint With Diamonds kit? 

What is included: 
1x numbered adhesive canvas (with design chart)
1x set of stainless steel tweezers
1x grooved organizing tray
Colored resin rhinestones (labeled)
*Frame is not included* (unless otherwise noted)

Does my DIY-Diamond Painting or DIY-Paint By Numbers Kit come with a frame included? 

Frames are not included in any products unless it is otherwise stated on the product page.

What are the diamonds in the DIY-Diamond Painting kits made of?

Our colorful and beautiful “diamonds” are manufactured from eco-friendly resin and are factory-tested to ensure safety. 

What sizes are the canvases in the DIY-Diamond Painting and Paint By Numbers Kits?

Each individual product is offered in several canvas sizes. The canvas size can be selected when ordering a particular product. Please note that the total canvas size measurement may include the border area around the pasting or painting area. *There is a "size" drop down menu on each product page above the add to cart button.*

Are the resin diamonds in the DIY-Diamond Painting Kits square or round?

We offer both! The resin diamond shape will be listed on the individual product page. Please note that some designs are only offered in either square or round drill. In rare circumstances such as extreme back order or product discontinuation, round drill may be substituted for square drill.

What is "Full Drill" and "Partial Drill"?

Full drill simply means that the entire canvas in the diamond painting kit will be covered in resin diamonds when completed. You will complete the entire image as shown. Partial drill means that only a portion of the image will be completed with resin diamonds to accent the image on the canvas. 

Can I order a custom DIY-Diamond Painting Kit?

Yes! You can turn any photograph into a beautiful, custom Diamond Painting. Check out our create your own custom kits HERE

I ordered a DIY-Diamond Painting Kit and I am missing some diamonds. What can I do? 

We would be happy to send you some replacement diamonds at no extra cost to you. Just send us an email at and we will assist you!

How long does a DIY-Diamond Painting take to complete?

That all depends on you! These are meant to be fun, stress-relieving projects. They can be completed as quickly or as slowly as you would like!

What is your Refund Policy?

If you're not 100% satisfied with your purchase, you can return your order for a full refund for up to 45 days from the date of order. All items must be in their original, completely unopened packaging. 

Please contact us at for customer assistance. 

How can I contact you?

You can contact us at

I am not receiving emails from Design Novelty? My email has not been answered, what should I do?

We answer all emails and online inquires within 24 hours. Please make sure that our emails are not being sent to your spam/junk mail as certain email browsers will automatically do this. Be sure to "Whitelist" emails from Design Novelty so that you can receive order receipts, shipping confirmation, and delivery confirmation emails from us as well as other notifications. You don't want to miss out on a flash sale or 40% discount, right? 

Do You have a Wholesale/Group Sales Program?

Yes, we do! For more information, please contact us at and one of our wholesale representatives will assist you!